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Member SS-PLASMUS (Leader)

25.01.1974 born in Moers and resident in Duisburg
I had the Dutch nationality by the age of 18.
Thereafter i get the German nationality. I cant speak dutch, but i love Holland, too
I prefer the Dutch food than the German. SAUERKRAUT!!  *LOL*
I have three children they are 2, 3, 4 years old. One Boy and two girlies
I'm a single, but i have a big close friendship with the mother of my children.
I'm a IT-Consulter, Electrician, Precision mechanic by trade
My favourite Games are Ironstorm and mainly Mohaa Spearhead.
I play Spearhead since three months.
Hobby are:
My children
Restore Oldtimer. Mainly british motorcycles like BSA, Triumpf, Norton,.. I restore motorcycles since 1980. I have a garage with milling cutter, engine lathe,.. and many tools.
Digital Speedometer, digit. Tachometer purpose built for motorcycles.
Satelite Receiver Projects
Home Security
LAN, WAN Security (Local Area Network / Wide Area Network)
Teaching staff for PC-Greenhorns
And many more!
My PC:
CPU: AMD XP 2200+@ FSB 174 x 14/  2436Mhz liquid gas refrigerated -15C  operating temperature
Mainboard: MSI KT3 ULtra Deluxe
Harddisks IBM 40GB ATA100 and IBM 80GB ATA100
1GB Infineon DDR PC2700 RAM
Geforce 4 MMX 440 128 / dirt cheap i know
TFT 15" Nokia XA500 / 18" TFT coming soon
Windows XP Prof.
Linux SUSE 8.2 Pro
Internet Connection:
Provider QSC
1MBit Downstream and 256kb upstream dedicated Line
DSL Router Lucent Cellpipe 4 Ports




11.05.74 born in Berlin and resident in Dessau.

I'm a affected gambler!

I have a seven years old son.

I'm a Single!!! *LOL*

I'm a forwarding merchant by trade.

My favourite Games are SOF2, Battlefield 1942, Wolfenstein, but mainly Mohaa Spearhead.

My PC:


CPU: AMD XP 1700+

Two harddisks 60 and 80Gb

512 DDR RAM PC2700

GeForce 4 Titanium 4200

Windows XP Prof.


Internet connection:

Provider T-Online

T-DSL FastPath 

Flaterate 768kb downstream 128 upstream